Becoming A New Yorker

Dear New York, I Miss You

Roughly a month ago, I was lucky enough to call you home – except I didn’t know how lucky I was until I was given two days to pack everything, arrange a storage company, and return to my country. As grateful as I am to be well and safe at home with my family in […]

Special KIMYE* Edition: The What-How-When-and-Where

Keeping Up With the Kardashians In Real Life Imagine it is 3 PM on a seemingly regular Friday as you are walking through 6th Avenue and you see a crowd gathered for a cause. You immediately assume there is something or someone important, well-known, to say the least. You approach the crowd, ask strangers or […]

NYU’s Fashion Panel Addressed Media and Streetwear as Complements

Guests from Highsnobiety, Complex and Surface gathered at NYU on Wednesday to discuss how media intersects with streetwear — a combination of California surf skate culture with New York hip-hop fashion. The panelists colorized the room, having dressed for the occasion in sweatshirts and baggy pants with layered fabrics and patterns, and of course, futuristic sneakers. […]

Craving Chocolate? I Got You Covered!

Wherever you are reading this from and whenever you are reading it, there is at least one commonality: a shared demand for satisfying our ‘chocolate-tooth’ and let’s face it, what better place to do so than New York? NYC is known for its myriad alternatives for everything and desserts that specialize in a chocolate overload […]

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