Best Brunch Destinations for Your Next Instagram Food-Shoot

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In today’s edition of Becoming A New Yorker, I will be sharing my personal favorite brunch destinations that I have been able to discover so far— meaning more is yet to come so stay tuned!

Without further ado, I would like to start with Banter NYC, which not only is super close to NYU’s campus but also offers amazing food options for whatever you are craving. We discovered Banter though its proximity to our dorm and it immediately became our go-to breakfast destination in between morning classes!

My usual order from Banter is undoubtedly their Granola Bowl but the all-times favorite of all my brunch buddies is their Nutella French Toast for a good reason: it is delicious. They top it with hints of granola and a drizzle of honey for the perfect combination.

Don’t forget to order coffee because you will need it when entering into the sweet world of a temporary sugar coma. If you are not in the mood for sweets, I recommend opting for their absolutely perfect Avocado Toast with either a side of poached eggs or pro tip: Grilled Halloumi!

Another brunch spot that I fell in love with mainly through its convenient location is La Fayette which takes you to a French street by its exterior and bakery display but reminds you of the fact you are in New York by its NYU- student-dense customers and lively and fast-paced atmosphere.

Their granola is definitely worth a shot even if you happen to be amongst those who still regard granola as bird food in the 21st Century. The honey drizzle on top and the savory taste of Greek Yogurt alongside a generous topping of fresh mixed berries make for the perfect combo!

If you want a rather classical but still Insta-worthy way of treating yourself, you should definitely order their Lemon Pancakes. Before you complain about not being the biggest fan of lemon, let me tell you that you cannot even taste the sourness of it because the maple syrup, mixed berries, and powdered sugar surely surpass any taste it may ever create. Imagine fluffy pancakes stacked on top of one another, swimming in sugary syrup and enjoy your indulgence.

Citizens of Bleecker is also a great option for meeting friends over brunch but I would recommend ordering either multiple items to share or having something other than their Granola bowl because while it tastes amazing, the portion is unsatisfactory. Their avocado toast is not only a feast for the stomach but also one for the eye because it is perfectly sided with a drizzle of pink beet puree.

If you are looking for a classic American brunch with a contemporary twist, Buvette is the perfect destination for you as long as you are fine with a tight seating place that allows for you to sit with your own party with the condition of accepting the very close presence of surrounding parties.

This interior-standing brunch location is a must-visit for your bucket list because it perfectly offers the most classically preferred items of the typical American consumer. Their signature is presumably waffles with syrup and powdered sugar but their granola is compatibly tasty as well. For those who love to stick with the classics, they offer fresh baguettes and croissants with butter and jam to be paired with a tea selection of your choice. Even if you were to find nothing to eat and hate the taste of every single item, I guarantee that the established vision in the interior design and decoration of the location is worth seeing!

On a final note, I would like to recommend a cute and highly Americanized breakfast spot: Jack’s Wife Freda with multiple locations including Soho and Chelsea. As a granola hunter, I didn’t like the aesthetic of their granola bowl as served at other tables, so I chose to accompany my friend by indulging in their signature waffles perfectly adjusted between smoothness and crunchiness. The addition of berries and maple syrup sure make for an American classic and I would definitely recommend pairing it with an Almond or Soy Milk Cappuccino for even a better tasting experience. The atmosphere is quite cozy and the customer profile is very lively, contributing greatşy to the overall positive vibes of the location!

As stated earlier, these are just the first few explorations of the best brunch spots in the city and more recommendations are surely yet to come as I keep on Becoming A New Yorker!

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