Reflecting on my First Semester

Now that I have officially completed my first semester in New York, I have decided to share some of my most remarkable experiences! First things first: I had a delightful move-in day and welcome week, met extremely unique individuals, had numerous coffee dates, memorized and forgotten hundreds of names, and made many friends from all around the world. Besides being in a Macroeconomics class with … Continue reading Reflecting on my First Semester

NYC Village Halloween Parade

New York’s 46th; My 1st Encounter With the Annual Halloween Parade Thursday, October 31 was not marked as Halloween but rather as the Parade on my calendar after hearing about the iconic organization held conveniently (from campus) on 6th Avenue North of Spring Street to 16th Street. The distance itself was enough to convince me but the event was so highly promoted and advertised across … Continue reading NYC Village Halloween Parade

Special KIMYE* Edition: The What-How-When-and-Where

Keeping Up With the Kardashians In Real Life Imagine it is 3 PM on a seemingly regular Friday as you are walking through 6th Avenue and you see a crowd gathered for a cause. You immediately assume there is something or someone important, well-known, to say the least. You approach the crowd, ask strangers or passers-by about the occasion only to be shown videos taken … Continue reading Special KIMYE* Edition: The What-How-When-and-Where

Craving Chocolate? I Got You Covered!

Wherever you are reading this from and whenever you are reading it, there is at least one commonality: a shared demand for satisfying our ‘chocolate-tooth’ and let’s face it, what better place to do so than New York? NYC is known for its myriad alternatives for everything and desserts that specialize in a chocolate overload certainly is no exception; whatever it is your sweet tooth … Continue reading Craving Chocolate? I Got You Covered!

Six Flags Great Adventure: To Fright Fest OR Not To Fright Fest

As the fall season began to unfold, my roommate went apple picking with her parents along with other American fall festivities, and Six Flags opened its Fright Fest in honor of the approaching Halloween season. Just as we were looking up for tickets for the special event held at the amusement park best known for the extremity of its next-level roller coasters, my school announced … Continue reading Six Flags Great Adventure: To Fright Fest OR Not To Fright Fest

“The” Museum of Sex

Well, Hello Dear Readers! Today’s highlight is a museum whose very name implies controversial content yet bears great potential for an exciting adventure. When my floor-mate asked me whether or not I have been to the Museum of Sex, I heard of its existence for the very first time but find myself paying it a visit by the next day! Me and my two floormates … Continue reading “The” Museum of Sex